A fairytale


"A Fairytale"
Thats what everyone said
For the world
They were like musical chords
Just like two peas in a pod
Little did the world know
That fairytales 
Were mere tales
"Reality" was her
Insolent tale.
A charming guy
A little shy
Any girl's prince charming
He could be
Thats what the world
thought him to be
Far from the bubble world
Laid a harsh world
In which he was the beast
The world didn't know of least
She would always say
"He is my world"
Never did she tell
How suffocated she felt
In that "world"
He called her "babydoll"
Certainly she was a doll
Whom he flaunted around
When all were around
But attacked with
Dilapidated words
When his benefits
Were not met around
She tried everything
To be the apple of his eye
But for him she was just
A piece of flesh
Which was never suffice.
She did love him
With every inch of her soul
Beaten she got
Insulted too a lot
Yet her heart
Didn't know how to 
Hate a soul
To whom she gave her all.
Yes! She had a "fairytale"
A dreary worn out fairytale
Which she wished
To never become
Anybody's tale.
Yes! She had a "fairytale"
A shady dark fairytale
Which she never wanted
To ever get counted
In the world's

-Aishwarya Nair 
"May be, not every fairytale has a happy ending"


Its so hard to bid a farewell to our loved ones. That is a stage when we undergo different emotions, happiness, sadness, emptiness. Leaving them creates a void in our heart. Our paths change but the memories we created with them remains there. Reminiscing the old days, I wrote a poem on how I felt when finally I had to bid a farewell.

Reminisces of the past
Moments that didn’t last
Those back bench memories
which became just histories
Those chilly winter morns
which made us sleep for long
Brushing away the dust from those photographs
A remembrance hit me hard
On a look at our first group photograph
“I’ll stand at the corner coz I am tall”
“No you go at the back coz am too small”
The fight we had to get a picture clicked
And how at the end we all got picked
‘Farewell’ for us was always a golden day
A day when all the seniors looked hot
Awaited we hard for our day
So that we could put on our best lot.
And finally when it was our day
Why didn’t it feel like a ‘golden day’?
Every happy face we saw that day
made us feel sad unlike any other day
Every little laugh we had shared
Every little moment when we had cared
Felt as if it was all fading away
Our golden day didn’t look so well
Coz we realised how hard it was to bid a farewell
-Aishwarya Nair



Pushing aside the ugly parts
She vowed to give life one more shot
A bit hard it was to brush away the past
Yet she decided to take a stroll through her past
Where once she was left to burn into chars
He smirked at her
When she was in tears
She pleaded a lot
While he had a different plot
Neither did he just rip her apart
But left the stringent marks on her heart
A hand she held trusting all her might
Snatched away her all that very night.
The face she once adored
Didn’t ever find flawed
Looked so much horrid and terrified
That night certainly came to an end
But those nightmares never did
Sitting with the clouds that embower
She remembered how she underwent that acid shower
She thought of the dreary moments of that night
She saw her entire world crumbling down that night
The remembrance of his face still gave her chills
But then it was all
That gave her the strength to refill
Every little gap that was left unfilled.
Was it a revenge or her inner strength?
Or may be she just didn’t want to miss out life.
Coz today when is out on the streets
People come to her and give all sorts of treats
How fabulous it sounds
When they cheer for her aloud
“Love the way you style up and gracefully walk”
When once they used to talk at her back
“Such a poor victim of an acid attack”

-Aishwarya Nair

3 Day Quote Challenge #Day 3

Hey everyone!! I have been nominated for the “3 day quotes challenge” and today is the last day. I am sorry I couldn’t post in the past two days, so here I am. Please forgive me for being late.


1.Thank the blogger who nominated you.

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Thank you Sensible Teen for nominating me for this fascinating challenge.

I would like to throw some light on MIRACLE!!



” No matter how hard things may get, how hard it becomes to pick yourself up; Stand up. Remember that “you are terrifying, strange and beautiful”. Right now, things might be a bit messy but soon they might fall into place. May be you are just one step away from a miracle. Miracles happen everyday :)”

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A true fighter

She was a star
with a faded dime
Light bright jitters
torn into tatters and titters
She was budding again
freeing herself
from the broken chains
Collecting the scattered pieces
mending the worn out parts
She was taking a step ahead
Looking a new road to head
when one day she met
a stranger on her way
with whom she could recollect
the older herself
He promised to hold her hand
now on and till the end
But all she ever asked
was not to destruct her broken parts
All was merry and frivolous
until a storm hit hard and left all strenuous
That little faded star
which was mending itself
was walked over again 
like in the past
Those broken damaged parts
which needed a hard stitch
were made to break apart
with no more hopes of patches and stitches
Broken she was
shattered and tethered
Devoid she became
of every emotion she beheld
Trust, faith and loyalty
she did all she could do
But life had different plans
and made all the past redo
This time she broke so hard
Picking herself up was real hard
Yet she plunged to bloom again
Coz life was a race to fall and bounce back again
That's how she learnt to shine again
to fall down and win back again
And this time she shone so hard
that every corner and every brooke
she passed across
lit up of her sparkle and her charm.

- Aishwarya Nair