A fairytale


"A Fairytale"
Thats what everyone said
For the world
They were like musical chords
Just like two peas in a pod
Little did the world know
That fairytales 
Were mere tales
"Reality" was her
Insolent tale.
A charming guy
A little shy
Any girl's prince charming
He could be
Thats what the world
thought him to be
Far from the bubble world
Laid a harsh world
In which he was the beast
The world didn't know of least
She would always say
"He is my world"
Never did she tell
How suffocated she felt
In that "world"
He called her "babydoll"
Certainly she was a doll
Whom he flaunted around
When all were around
But attacked with
Dilapidated words
When his benefits
Were not met around
She tried everything
To be the apple of his eye
But for him she was just
A piece of flesh
Which was never suffice.
She did love him
With every inch of her soul
Beaten she got
Insulted too a lot
Yet her heart
Didn't know how to 
Hate a soul
To whom she gave her all.
Yes! She had a "fairytale"
A dreary worn out fairytale
Which she wished
To never become
Anybody's tale.
Yes! She had a "fairytale"
A shady dark fairytale
Which she never wanted
To ever get counted
In the world's

-Aishwarya Nair 
"May be, not every fairytale has a happy ending"

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