A true fighter

She was a star
with a faded dime
Light bright jitters
torn into tatters and titters
She was budding again
freeing herself
from the broken chains
Collecting the scattered pieces
mending the worn out parts
She was taking a step ahead
Looking a new road to head
when one day she met
a stranger on her way
with whom she could recollect
the older herself
He promised to hold her hand
now on and till the end
But all she ever asked
was not to destruct her broken parts
All was merry and frivolous
until a storm hit hard and left all strenuous
That little faded star
which was mending itself
was walked over again 
like in the past
Those broken damaged parts
which needed a hard stitch
were made to break apart
with no more hopes of patches and stitches
Broken she was
shattered and tethered
Devoid she became
of every emotion she beheld
Trust, faith and loyalty
she did all she could do
But life had different plans
and made all the past redo
This time she broke so hard
Picking herself up was real hard
Yet she plunged to bloom again
Coz life was a race to fall and bounce back again
That's how she learnt to shine again
to fall down and win back again
And this time she shone so hard
that every corner and every brooke
she passed across
lit up of her sparkle and her charm.

- Aishwarya Nair

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