Pushing aside the ugly parts
She vowed to give life one more shot
A bit hard it was to brush away the past
Yet she decided to take a stroll through her past
Where once she was left to burn into chars
He smirked at her
When she was in tears
She pleaded a lot
While he had a different plot
Neither did he just rip her apart
But left the stringent marks on her heart
A hand she held trusting all her might
Snatched away her all that very night.
The face she once adored
Didn’t ever find flawed
Looked so much horrid and terrified
That night certainly came to an end
But those nightmares never did
Sitting with the clouds that embower
She remembered how she underwent that acid shower
She thought of the dreary moments of that night
She saw her entire world crumbling down that night
The remembrance of his face still gave her chills
But then it was all
That gave her the strength to refill
Every little gap that was left unfilled.
Was it a revenge or her inner strength?
Or may be she just didn’t want to miss out life.
Coz today when is out on the streets
People come to her and give all sorts of treats
How fabulous it sounds
When they cheer for her aloud
“Love the way you style up and gracefully walk”
When once they used to talk at her back
“Such a poor victim of an acid attack”

-Aishwarya Nair


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