Its so hard to bid a farewell to our loved ones. That is a stage when we undergo different emotions, happiness, sadness, emptiness. Leaving them creates a void in our heart. Our paths change but the memories we created with them remains there. Reminiscing the old days, I wrote a poem on how I felt when finally I had to bid a farewell.

Reminisces of the past
Moments that didn’t last
Those back bench memories
which became just histories
Those chilly winter morns
which made us sleep for long
Brushing away the dust from those photographs
A remembrance hit me hard
On a look at our first group photograph
“I’ll stand at the corner coz I am tall”
“No you go at the back coz am too small”
The fight we had to get a picture clicked
And how at the end we all got picked
‘Farewell’ for us was always a golden day
A day when all the seniors looked hot
Awaited we hard for our day
So that we could put on our best lot.
And finally when it was our day
Why didn’t it feel like a ‘golden day’?
Every happy face we saw that day
made us feel sad unlike any other day
Every little laugh we had shared
Every little moment when we had cared
Felt as if it was all fading away
Our golden day didn’t look so well
Coz we realised how hard it was to bid a farewell
-Aishwarya Nair



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